The Latest News on the new album “The Week Begins”

I thought it was high time to give an update on how the album is progressing [although there are a couple of album-related stories that are or will be posted over at TomsTypewriter.com – like THIS entry pondering how the video for Eloise was shot].

All of the tracks have been recorded in the Outhouse studio, and I am about 90% done with the mixing. This is a rather annoying part of the process, because you take the tunes and play them back on several different systems [like your living room, your car, your wife’s car, various computers with various types of speakers, a friend’s studio who has better speakers than you do….] and in EVERY SINGLE CASE each track sounds different. In one place the bass is too loud, in another it isn’t loud enough.

For example, in “No Problem” the shakers were inaudible in one location, and they were way too loud in another. It would be an interesting acoustics issue to ponder if I weren’t trying to get something done.

The Outhouse Studio for Tom Rule, middle Georgia musician
Where the magic happens

The not-as-ubiquitous-but-still-multisyllabic Untuxable is doing the graphics, but we have barely started. I have selected a mastering outfit, although they don’t know it yet [waiting to get the mix completed].

So, progress, although it is slow and steady. I must admit it is kinda nice not worked on a deadline – the danger is, of course, that I’ll never complete this thing and release it.

Keep an eye here – I very well may be posting free samples as the release date draws near.