The Meeting – a teaser

The album is coming along VERY slowly, a function of working on it in my mythical spare time. Still, progress is inching along.

The entire concept is to take moments that might occur during a work week and musically illustrate them – partly because I think it is a pretty interesting concept, and partly because these are instrumentals and you have to title them SOMETHING.

After all, titles like “Song 42” is neither helpful, descriptive, nor memorable, is it?

Thus, “The Meeting”, where someone is presenting a business idea to a board – among whom are a curmudgeon [who talks to no one in particular at times – I know this because it is in the score]…. and the Skeptical Accountant.

Here’s a small snippet of the work in progress. Enjoy!

The Meeting, from Tom Rule’s album The Week Begins

By the way, feel free to share these little snippets of info. Over 200 people get these emails… please spread the word!