It’s August! It’s Hot?

No one in Georgia is surprised… leastwise no one who was raised in Georgia.

Minimal progress on the album – the start of the new school year at the Day Job always consumes inordinate amounts of time and energy and braincells. I’m hoping to get cranked up on “The Meeting” this week.

Meanwhile, I ran across an article I wrote back in 1998 for Pedalpoint Magazine, part 4 of a 4 part series teaching “traditional” church musicians about synths, how they work, and some ways to think about them in a non-scary way. Click on over to the “hidden” Tom Rule History section and take a look!

The article is at https://tomrule.info/history/326/pedalpoint-magazine-article-fall-1998-issue/.

CAVEAT: The “History” section isn’t very pretty, and is much like the junk drawer in your kitchen. You’ve been warned!