More CHRISTmas Music: Go Tell It

Awhile back [as in many moons and several moves ago] I was goofing around with Go Tell It, and came up with with something I really liked. I actually recorded it on a Fostex 4-track cassette deck that I had at the time – perhaps one day I’ll post that recording somewhere. The chart lay dormant in the files until I started working on the CHRISTmas album.

The problem I have with many CHRISTmas tunes is that – though the message the lyrics proclaim is incredibly joyous and happy, the presentation is usually [OK, maybe “often” is a better word] more akin to a solemn ceremony, maybe even a funeral.

So I set about trying to remedy the situation. See what you think…. did I succeed?

Go Tell It, from a performance at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Alpharetta. MAN, that was a great piano!

The version on CHRISTmas is with a full band. It’s worth checking out.

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