Tom’s Tracks on the Tens: Give Five

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It’s another installment of Tom’s Tracks on the Tens!

Remember that Dave Brubeck tune from 1959 – Take Five? it’s from the Time Out album, and is STILL a major hit.

Album Cover for Time Out, the Dave Brubeck record that includes Take Five

Back in 2012 or so Joey Stuckey and I created the album Mixture.

Brubeck has been a favorite of mine for a loooong time, and I wanted to include an oblique tip ‘o the hat to his influence on my music. So we named one of the tunes Give Five. Of course, there’s also an oblique biblical reference there as well….. but I leave it to you to figure it out [or ask me about it].

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This is the Duet version of the tune, obviously. There was a full band version on the album.