“The Week Begins” – News, Updates and Diet Jazz?

Sometime you just have to write a post……

The long and winding road that this album has turned into is still winding around – sometimes in my head, but lately more often in the Outhouse. We’re down to the last tune, called EZ Sunday.

I wrote it back in 1988 for a jazz band I was directing at the time, up at Chattanooga State Technical Community College where I was on the music faculty [ although I see the “Technical” part has been dropped from the name ].

The band had half the regular players of a real jazz band, so we called ourselves “Diet Jazz”. The trumpet player actually took a can of Diet Coke and painted the word Jazz over the work Coke with some Whiteout. I kept that can for 3 decades, until it finally croaked.

I have an interesting conundrum at the moment – do I try to revamp the version I recorded in 2012 [when my skills were somewhat less developed as an engineer and my equipment wasn’t as good] or do i rerecord? Much pondering is occurring on this.

In any case, progress is still being made, and I’m starting to ponder the graphics, text, and the marketing of the thing. Got any ideas? Send them on!

The Outhouse Studio for Tom Rule, middle Georgia musician
STILL working in the Outhouse…….

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