The Week Begins – May 2023 update

Since it has been awhile with no major updates on the album, it is time for a MINOR update [yes, the puns are deliberate.]

I’m in the throes of working up final mixes. I am unabashedly hijacking the ears and brain of the amazingly talented Joey Stuckey, who has been a good friend for longer than either of us care to admit in public.

The search for a mastering house that thinks musically and not just genre-specific is starting [there’s always that affordability issue that crops up].

…. aaaaaaand I am assembling a marketing team of sorts. We have a plethora of talent in the Rule Zoo in online marketing, project management, graphic design, and content creation – and no shortage of opinions…. so I plan on taking advantage of the resources God has placed in my life.

I have a release date in mind, but that info will come out in due course. Much music to finalize, content to create, and a certain backside to get off of before then.

Meanwhile – stayed tuned here {you can always subscribe on the front page of the website to get an email when I post something here…..} AND/OR pop over to Tom’s Typewriter to see if I’ve posted any album updates there. {You can subscribe to the Typewriter as well}.