Tom’s Tracks on the Tens: Too Pooped to Bop

A track from our 2012 Release Mixture – this is from the JSB performance at the Cherry Blossom Festival in 2013. As I recall it was supposed to be outside, but got pushed indoors at the [now called] Hargray Capitol Theater.

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It’s another installment of Tom’s Tracks on the Tens!

I remember that the day we wrote “Too Pooped” we weren’t really all that tired – I’d go pick up Joey from his house, and we’d swing through Chick-fil-A and grab breakfast before heading downtown to the studio. I was just ruminating on how Bop in the 40’s was supposed to be this “hot” and fast and manic music – and wondering how you would play that when you were just exhausted.

Thus, the title. Enjoy!

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