The Week Begins – an update

I’ve mentioned in several places I’ve been working on another album for awhile [you can get some details on how things are going over at https://tomstypewriter.com/the-week-begins-march-2022-update/ ].

It is a deliberately slow process. So far everything is original, has been recorded in the Outhouse Studio, and I have even already posted sheet music for one of the tracks I haven’t recorded yet. I am taking time to make sure the “magic” is there – plus I really enjoy creating in the studio, so stretching it out just means more time spent separated from a clock.

The other day I recorded some percussion for the track WaterCoolerCoffeeBreak, in the hallway. It sounds pretty cool:

The microphone setup used when recording part of WaterCoolerCoffeeBreak., from Tom RUle's album The Week Begins.
Used to record the percussion for WaterCoolerCoffeeBreak for the album The Week Begins