“The Meeting”

“The Meeting” is the latest track I’m working on from the next album [The Week Begins]. It is decidedly non-traditional [well, unless you are in a Music Appreciation class]. The beginning section was recorded in the dining room at the house [as opposed to the OutHouse studio part].

If you were ever curious what it looks like to record something that is a little oddball, here are a couple of pictures.

It all starts with a plan… or in this case, a list.

The Meeting – the plan

I am fortunate enough to be able to control Studio One from a tablet – yes, I ran mic cables a good distance away to the OutHouse where the computer lives.

Yes, I got it [mostly] cleaned up before the wife came home. Didn’t want her tripping on the mess o’ cables!

Controlling Studio One remotely – a very nice feature, let me tell you!

Total time taken to record what will end up being about 60 seconds in the final version – about 3 hours.

I’m posting about the whole creative process over at TomsTypewriter.com, if you’d like to keep up. You can add your email to the list o’ folks who get notified when a new post drops over there [4 times a month, on the 7s.]